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Clayton Kershaw dominates: The Daily Win

Dan Rubenstein of SB Nation takes a look at Clayton Kershaw's big day Monday in The Daily Win.

Clayton Kershaw was magnificent on Monday, with his shutout of the Giants and first major league home run to boot. Kershaw was so good that he caught the eye of Dan Rubenstein of SB Nation, who made Kershaw the subject of Tuesday's 'The Daily Win.'

"He's ridiculous, and he's in his prime at 24," Rubenstein opined. "Yes, the Dodgers probably have a 2007 All-Star team around him, but he's ridiculous, and everyone should watch every time he pitches."

But perhaps the most important part of the video, and a reason to make a trip to Maryland in two weeks when the Dodgers are in town, is that the Orioles have debuted something called 'Crab waffle fries.'

Count me in.