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True Blue LA podcast, episode 14: Generally, pants

Eric Stephen, Jacob Burch, and Brandon Lennox talk Dodgers prospects, the positional flexibility of Yasiel Puig, and our favorite baseball scenes from non-baseball movies.

Join Jacob Burch and I as we welcome Brandon Lennox to talk all things Dodgers, in both the majors and minor leagues. We recapped the mostly negative week or so for the Dodgers since the Zack Greinke injury and brawl (this was recorded Friday night), and much more.

Brandon went over his top prospects, his process, and what made him decide to rank 218 minor league prospects. He also gave his thoughts on the question of "Why don't the Dodgers just move Yasiel Puig to third base?" that seems to come up with amazing regularity.

As always, to get any questions answered on a future episode, please email us at The questions don't even have to be baseball related, though baseball questions are preferred. The best question this time involved our favorite baseball scenes from a non-baseball movie.

The podcast is on iTunes. If you have time, please rate and write a review of the show. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks again for listening.

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