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Dodgers announce trade of Aaron Harang for Ramon Hernandez

Harang was immediately designated for assignment by the Rockies after the trade.

Christopher Hanewinckel-US PRESSWIRE

The Dodgers on Saturday made official their trade of pitcher Aaron Harang and cash to the Rockies for catcher Ramon Hernandez.

"Ramon gives us invaluable veteran experience and additional leadership at the catching position," said Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti. "He’s worked with great pitching staffs in the past and we feel he will provide solid contributions to our pitchers and be a great resource for A.J."

Hernandez has a salary of $3.2 million this season, and was designated for assignment on Mar. 29. Harang is due $7 million this season, and has an option for 2014 that could vest with at least 180⅓ innings pitched in 2013, or a buyout of $2 million.

The Rockies designated Harang for assignment immediately upon making the trade.

Counting Sunday, Mar. 31, six days of the 183-day season have lapsed. That means the Dodgers are on the hook for $3,095,082 of Hernandez's salary, and the Rockies responsible for $6,770,492 for Harang, plus the $2 million buyout in 2014, though Jon Heyman of CBS Sports reported the Dodgers would send $4.25 million to Colorado.

So, instead of having $9 million guaranteed to Harang, the Dodgers will instead pay approximately $7,574,590 ($3,095,082 for Hernandez, $229,508 for Harang, and $4.25 million to Colorado). Subtract the major league salary that would have been paid to Tim Federowicz and the Dodgers save approximately $2 million and upgraded their catching depth.

Harang was sort of in no man's land, as he was in the bullpen after spending his whole career as a starter and in a mop-up role in which he was unlikely to see any time.

"I've always been a starter, so I've kept the mentality that I'll still be starting. It's just something I've got to go through right now," he said Monday. "We'll just wait and see what happens. There are all these rumors flying around. I just have to keep myself ready."

It is unknown exactly when Hernandez will report to the Dodgers, but Federowicz was slated to start one of the two weekend games against the Pirates, likely Sunday. That could still be the case, with Federowicz possibly headed for Triple-A Albuquerque no later than Wednesday, when starting pitcher Chad Billingsley will be activated to start against San Diego.