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Ramon Hernandez to arrive Sunday, Tim Federowicz to start

The Dodgers will carry three catchers for two games, on Sunday and Tuesday.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers may have traded for Ramon Hernandez, but that hasn't changed the club's plans to have Tim Federowicz start the series finale against the Pirates on Sunday.

"He's part of what we're doing not only right now, but he's going to be part of what we're doing here organizationally for a while," said manager Don Mattingly on Saturday. "We like who he is, and what he's capable of."

Hernandez is on his way to Los Angeles on Saturday night and is expected to be in uniform by Sunday's game. The Dodgers will carry three catchers until they need to make a roster move, when they activate Chad Billingsley from the disabled list for his start in San Diego.

Hernandez hit just .217/.247/.353 in 52 games for Colorado in 2012, but Mattingly was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

"He gives us experience, he gives us a guy that's caught on some prety good staffs," Mattingly said. "Last year was a hard year to judge him by in Colorado. A lot of things went bad. Tulo was hurt, a bunch of pitchers were hurt, then all of a sudden they went young. That's tough for a guy that's been around the league 14-15 years to all of a sudden be in a rebuilding process."

Hernandez hit .290/.353/.437 with 19 home runs in 188 games for the Reds from 2010-2011, and will turn 37 in May.

"We still feel like he can swing the bat, and we still feel like he can catch. Maybe not on an every day basis, but he's a couple game per week guy."

Game info

Time: 6:10 p.m.

TV: Prime Ticket

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