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True Blue LA podcast, episode 18: Rules for caps

Jacob Burch and Eric Stephen are joined by Madeleine St. Marie, trying to talk ourselves through a long Dodgers losing streak.

Join Jacob Burch and I in a very special and cathartic episode of the True Blue LA podcast. We welcomed longtime member Madeleine St. Marie (aka Maddz) to offer a different perspective on the Dodgers' struggles this season, including the current seven-game losing streak.

We expressed cautious optimism for the pending return of Zack Greinke, and talked about just where the blame lies for all these injuries, the Dodgers lackluster performance this year, and just about everything. But most of all we answered a ton of questions, in which we learned Maddz prefers muffins to donuts for some weird reason, and I laid out my complicated and strict rules for wearing a baseball cap to a major league game.

As always, to get any questions answered on a future episode, please email us at The questions don't even have to be baseball related, though baseball questions are preferred.

The podcast is on iTunes. If you have time, please rate and write a review of the show. Any feedback is welcome and appreciated. Thanks again for listening.

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