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Marlins 5, Dodgers 4, key play: Juan Uribe getting picked off second base

In a tie game in the fifth inning, a potential Dodgers rally was snuffed out by a strong throw by Marlins catcher Rob Brantly.

"That was a nice throw earlier to get Uribe. Jerk."
"That was a nice throw earlier to get Uribe. Jerk."
Harry How

There have been many things go wrong for the Dodgers during their woeful month of May, as the club is 0-8 through the first 10 days of the month. But in their eight-game losing streak, five of the last seven defeats have come by just one run, which can make even the smallest of plays of utmost importance.

A key play in Friday's 5-4 loss to the Marlins came in the fifth inning. The Dodgers and Marlins were tied, and Juan Uribe opened the inning with a single. Carl Crawford followed with the same, one of his three hits on the night. Nick Punto tried to sacrifice them both into scoring position but on a failed bunt attempt Uribe was caught off second base, picked off by Miami catcher Rob Brantly.

"That was definitely a momentum changer. If he gets the bunt down we would get to Adrian Gonzalez, Matt Kemp, and Andre Ethier," said manager Don Mattingly after the game. "I think that's what we kind of design things to do is get to the middle of our order. We kind of shoot ourselves in the foot there."

After Uribe was picked off, Punto struck out, then Gonzalez struck out to end the inning.

"It's a tough play, because you're trying to get a jump at second base. When the guy makes an attempt to bunt it, you get your weight going in the wrong direction. The runner has got to be able to read, but it's tough because you're anticipating movement and he goes to bunt you're anticipating that break," Mattingly said. "You see that a lot when the guy misses the bunt and the runner gets off the wrong foot, then it's just a matter of can you get back."

As has been the case with many moments during the losing streak, this play did not end in the Dodgers' favor, as Uribe wasn't able to get back to second base.