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Hyun-jin Ryu, 'master craftsman,' delivers for mom

Ryu also picked up his first major league walk while batting on Saturday night.


Hyun-jin Ryu got his Mothers Day gift out of the way early on Saturday, and to top it all off, it was his mom's birthday, too. He had yet another quality start on Saturday night, helping the Dodgers to a 7-1 win over the Marlins.

Ryu pitched scoreless ball into the seventh, and allowed just one run on the night. In a season of injuries, Ryu and Clayton Kershaw have been dependable rocks at the top of the Dodgers' rotation.

"When Kershaw and Ryu are on the mound for us, we feel we have a good chance to win the game," Ellis said. "We have to capitalize on that."

Ryu may be a rookie in MLB, but his seven years in the KBO produced a pitcher who knows what he is doing on the mound.

"He's good at his craft. Everybody talks velocity, they love to see 90. The kid last night (Jose Fernandez) was 96-98 and you like seeing that overpowering type stuff, but Hyun-jin is a master craftsman in a sense that he locates, he changes speeds, takes a little more off," said manager Don Mattingly. "When he's sharp, he's fun to watch."