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Clayton Kershaw continues to amaze

Kershaw pitched his second complete game of the season and 10th of his career on Monday night against the Brewers in Milwaukee.

Clayton Kershaw got to shake hands with his catcher for the 10th time on Monday night.
Clayton Kershaw got to shake hands with his catcher for the 10th time on Monday night.
Mike McGinnis

The Dodgers got their big guns to produce on Monday night in Milwaukee, and it paid off with a 3-1 victory over the Brewers. But while we focused earlier on the long overdue exploits of Andre Ethier and Matt Kemp, perhaps not enough attention was paid to Clayton Kershaw, who continued his run as the best of the best.

We are watching something special in Kershaw, the best pitcher in baseball at the peak of his powers. Sometimes its fun just to peak at some of his stats, and how mind-blowing some of them are.

Kershaw led the majors in ERA in 2011 and 2012. His ERA in 2013 is 1.35, and again leads the major leagues.

Kershaw has allowed 11 earned runs in 10 starts in 2013.

Kershaw has allowed four total runs, three earned, in his last five starts.

Kershaw's ERA over his last 58 starts is 1.97.

I of course cherry-picked endpoints for that one, but my main goal was wondering just how far back we could go and still have Kershaw's ERA under 2.00. The answer is back to July 7, 2011, just when Kershaw was beginning his Cy Young Award finishing kick. Going back 62 starts, his ERA is 2.01.

Kershaw has allowed zero or one earned run in 12 of his last 15 starts, and during that span has allowed 14 total earned runs and has a 1.16 ERA.

There have been 50 starts in 2013 with a Bill James game score of 80 or higher. Five of those have been pitched by Kershaw, including his 81 on Monday night in Milwaukee. No other pitcher in MLB has more than three.

Kershaw walked one on Monday night, the sixth time in 10 starts this season he has walked zero or one batter. After 18 such games in 73 starts in 2008-10, Kershaw has walked one or zero 33 times in his last 74 starts.

Kershaw leads the majors with six starts this year of at least seven innings with no more than one run allowed. Matt Harvey is second with five.

Kershaw has allowed three earned runs or less in each of his last 22 starts, the longest active streak in MLB. His ERA during that span is 1.46. The last Dodgers pitcher with a longer streak was Orel Hershiser, who had 27 straight starts in 1985-86.

Enjoy this time.