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NL West weekly report: 3-way tie at the top

A recap of what happened in the NL West from May 16th to May 22nd; One team is on the brink of spontaneously combusting, one can't seem to hit consistently, and three teams finished the week on top of the division.


This was both a strange and normal week in the NL West. Don Mattingly is on the brink of unemployment (or so we think), the Padres beat some of the National League's best, and the Diamondbacks, Rockies, and Giants are all tied for the division lead. Now let's take an in-depth look at what each team went through this week.

Team recaps

Arizona went 3-3 over this past week, moved to first place in the division, and then took a step back and is now tied with San Francisco and Colorado. Paul Goldschmidt started off the week with a bang (more on that later), but then fell back to Earth.

Overall, not much happened to the Diamondbacks. They won two of three against the Marlins, but then lost two of three to the Rockies. Arizona lost a close one to Colorado in the tenth inning on Tuesday that ultimately cost it the division lead.

Colorado was 5-2 over the past week, tied Arizona and San Francisco for first in the division, and scored 10 runs twice in a row against San Francisco.

The Rockies offensive clicked over the weekend against the Giants. Colorado outscored San Francisco 25-11 in straight three games at home. On Friday and Saturday, Colorado's offense scored 12 runs off of Madison Bumgarner (7) and Tim Lincecum (6).

San Francisco was 3-4 over the past week, fell back in the division by a couple games, and then somehow clawed its way back to a first place tie with Colorado and Arizona.

The Giants' starting pitchers were horrendous this week. Lincecum gave up 6 ER, Bumgarner surrendered 7 (6 to Colorado and 1 to Washington, Matt Cain gave up 8 (6 to Colorado and 2 to Washington, Barry Zito surrendered 5, and Ryan Vogelsong gave up 3. San Francisco also lost Vogelsong for 4-6 weeks after he broke his right hand when he fouled a ball off his bat.

San Diego was 3-4 over the past week, including two wins against Washington and one over St. Louis. The Padres lost their first two games of the week against the Nationals, but then defeated them in the final two games of the series. San Diego then defeated rookie phenomenon Shelby Miller and the Cardinals before losing the final two games of the series.

Unlike the other NL West teams, nothing strange happened to the Padres this week. San Diego's offense was inconsistent over the whole week, which is normal. The Padres scored nine runs in their first three games against the Nationals, and then scored 13 in the final game of the series.

Los Angeles was 2-4 over the past week and is now on the brink of absolute chaos. After getting swept by the Braves on the road, rumors began swirling that the Dodgers were about to fire head coach Don Mattingly, and possibly hitting coach Mark McGwire. Once the news reached LA's locker room, the boys in blue won two of three against Milwaukee on the road.

All three of the losses to the Braves were credited to a pair of Dodgers' relievers (one to Paco Rodriguez and two to Kenley Jansen). Paco blew the lead in the first game in the sixth, while Kenley lost each of the final two games for LA in the eighth inning. It seems like the bullpen issues in Atlanta caused most of the rumors to swirl about a potential managerial change for Los Angeles.

What's in store for these teams next week?

Diamondbacks: Three games against the Padres and four against the Rangers

Rockies: Three games against the Giants and four against the Astros

Giants: Three against the Rockies and four against the Athletics

Padres: Three against Diamondbacks and four against the Mariners

Dodgers: Three against the Cardinals and four against the Angels

Game to look forward to: Sunday when the Dodgers and Clayton Kershaw go up against the Cardinals and Shelby Miller

Overall player of the week goes to...

San Diego infielder Jedd Gyorko

The second/third baseman hit .400 with two homers, four RBIs, eight runs, and ten hits. Gyorko hit .454 in three games against St. Louis with one homer, one RBI, five hits, and three runs scored.

Best individual performance goes to...

Arizona first baseman Paul Goldschmidt

The slugger went 4-5 with a double, two homers, and four RBIs against the Marlins last Friday.

Best team of the week...

Goes to the Rockies who were 5-2 and are now tied with the Diamondbacks and Giants for first place in the division. Colorado won three of four against San Francisco and scored 24 runs total off of Cain, Bumgarner, Lincecum, and Zito.

Worst individual performance of the week...

San Francisco starting pitcher Madison Bumgarner.

The lefty gave up nine runs (seven earned) to Colorado over 4.2 innings on eight hits. Bumgarner threw 102 pitchers over that span and raised his ERA from 2.18 to 3.09.