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True Blue LA welcomes Ron Shah, Josie Becker

Shah and Becker will each provide a new, unique perspective for the site.

We're going to have to start paying an automatic 18% gratuity for all future True Blue LA writer/editor events, as we have added two more writers to the site, one new and one very familiar. Please welcome Ron Shah and Josie Becker aboard.

I worked with Ron on the SB Nation news desk program, and he will be writing mostly about the California League and the Dodgers' Class-A affiliate in Rancho Cucamonga. His on-site reports will add to the already outstanding minor league coverage provided by Brandon Lennox.

Ron made the journey across the country to Southern California after growing up in Queens, New York for 14 years. It was there where he took on the passion of the city when it came to love for a good slice of pizza and baseball. Currently, Ron is a college student studying business, who is now venturing into the minor league baseball side of things. He will be contributing several pieces per week for the site with a focus on prospects.

You can follow Ron on Twitter @Rontrarian.

Josie has been a longtime member of the site, in addition to her fine work running LAG Confidential and previously at SB Nation Los Angeles.

Josie has a unique eye for history, and will be contributing occasional essays on Dodger history and baseball in California. Just in the last two weeks she has educated us on the Pacific Coast League in 1946, as well as tthe connection between Dodger Stadium and the Los Angeles freeway system.

Thanks to both for coming aboard. We are lucky to have you.