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Sandy Koufax bobblehead day June 27

The Dodgers on Saturday revealed the Sandy Koufax bobblehead doll, to be given away on June 27 against the Phillies.


The old timers day at Dodger Stadium on Saturday provided a glimpse of several Dodgers legends in the flesh. The Dodgers are banking on that nostalgia with some of their bobblehead days this season, including on June 27 against the Phillies. On Saturday the Dodgers revealed the Sandy Koufax bobblehead doll, seen below.


The bobblehead is the second for Koufax and Dodger Stadium, and the first 50,000 in attendance on June 27 will receive one. That night is also Jewish Community Night at Dodger Stadium, fitting as one of the greatest Jewish sport legends is honored.

Koufax has taken a much more visible role with the Dodgers this season. He was hired by the team for a year as special adviser to chairman Mark Walter, and the Hall of Famer worked with the team for 10 days in spring training, including instruction with several pitchers. Koufax threw out a ceremonial first pitch on opening day, and was in uniform for the old timers day on Saturday.

It is not known whether or not Koufax will be present for his bobblehead night on June 27.