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Dodgers-Diamondbacks brawl: Is it over yet?

Here are the more reactions to the Dodgers-Diamondbacks brawl, the morning after the Dodgers' second big brawl this season.

Stephen Dunn

The Dodgers won't go down without a fight, literally. After the fight between LA and Arizona, suspensions and fines are expected, but the process could take longer than usual because Joe Torre is out of town. The brawl even stole headline news away from the NBA finals, per Mark Saxon of ESPN LA.

Pitchers continuously protect their hitters, resulting in retaliation and more players getting plunked. However, there's one key unwritten rule: nothing above the shoulders. Arizona's Ian Kennedy broke the code, beaming Zack Greinke right in the head, per Steve Dilbeck of the LA Times.

Greinke is beginning to garner enemies across the entire league, per Steven Goldman of SB Nation.

Neither the Dodgers nor the Diamondbacks are ready to take accountability or accept blame for their actions, per Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports. Baseball experts believe the blame game should go both ways, per Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports.

The situation ended up being marked down as a lose-lose, per Mike Petriello of Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness.

Baseball's rich tradition depicts escalation, causing the Dodgers and Diamondbacks to follow a long-standing pattern, per Greg Zakwin of Yahoo! Sports.

Arguably the most unique part of the fight was the managers and coaches involvement. Dodgers skipper Don Mattingly pummeled Alan Trammell, Mark McGwire appeared to be the Hulk and more, per Howie Rumberg of the Associated Press.

Due to countless punches being thrown, the closesly-contested game got overlooked, per Bob Timmermann of Dodger Thoughts.