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NL West weekly report: One night they're fighting and the next they're booking tickets to Sydney

A recap of what happened in the NL West from June 6th to 12th; Arizona is still on top, the rest of the standings don't change at all, a brawl breaks out in Los Angeles, and a pair of team's are heading to Australia.

Stephen Dunn

It was a very interesting week in the NL West. Two teams broke out in a huge brawl, the same teams will face each other in Australia next year, and the other three didn't move around in the standings.



Arizona was 3-4 this week. The Diamondbacks started off with a 12-8 loss to the Cardinals before losing two of three to the Giants. The DBacks ended the week on a high note when they traveled to LA and won two of three against the Dodgers.

Arizona's week wasn't too exciting until Tuesday when the brawl happened in Los Angeles. Kirk Gibson, Ian Kennedy, and hitting coach Turner Ward were ejected and could be suspended for a future game or two. The day after, it was announced that the Diamondbacks would be traveling with the same team they fought with the night before to Australia to kick off the 2014 season. Hopefully everything is settled before they get to Sydney.


Colorado was 3-3 this week. The Rockies started off with a four game series with the Padres that they ended up splitting 2-2. Colorado then faced Washington twice, and split that series with the defending NL East champions.

Colorado's offense was very interesting this week. The Rockies scored five or more runs four times, two runs once, and one run once. Against San Diego, Colorado averaged 6.25 runs per game while allowing on average 6.5, but still managed to win two of four.


San Francisco was 2-3 this week. The Giants lost their first game of the week 3-1 to the Diamondbacks before winning two in a row against Arizona. San Fran then lost two games in a row to Pittsburgh after they were outscored 20-10 in the two games combined.

The Giants' offense was similar to the Rockies' this week. San Francisco scored one on Friday, ten on Saturday, six on Sunday, two on Tuesday, and eight on Wednesday. Scoring one, then ten, then six, is never okay. Scoring two and eight in the next two games respectively is just confusing.


San Diego was 5-2 this week. The Padres started off the week by splitting a four game series with the Rockies. San Diego then went on to sweep Atlanta in three games.

The Padres' offense was very different this week compared to the last couple weeks. San Diego scored five or more runs five times, four runs once, and three runs once. That's pretty good for a team that faced two potential playoff teams in Colorado and Atlanta.


Los Angeles was 3-4 this week. The Dodgers won the first two games of the week against Atlanta but then went 1-4 over their next five. Overall, LA split a four game series with the Braves and lost two of three against the DBacks.

This week started off very well for Los Angeles when it defeated Atlanta in back to back games. But after those two wins, it was almost all downhill, except for Tuesday night's win. Mark McGwire, Yasiel Puig, and Ronald Belisario were all ejected after the brawl on Wednesday and could face more punishment. Video and pictures clearly show Puig punching Eric Hinske as well as McGwire and Belisario getting very involved in the brawl.


Diamondbacks: Three games against the Padres, three against the Marlins

Rockies: One game against the Nationals, three against the Phillies, three against the Blue Jays

Giants: One game against the Pirates, three against the Braves, three against the Padres

Padres: Three games against the Diamondbacks, three against the Giants

Dodgers: Three games against the Pirates, two against the Yankees


Dodgers' outfielder Yasiel Puig:

The rookie hit .500 with two homers and five RBIs in six games over the past week. Puig was 11-22 overall with a double, a walk, and four strikeouts. Puig missed the seventh game of the week with a strained shoulder.


Dodgers' pitcher Kenley Jansen:

I realize this may seem really random, but I have a reason for giving him this award. On Wednesday night, Jansen earned his first "official closer of the Dodgers" save of the season. Jansen also did that on just ten pitches, eight of which were strikes. It's a random, small, outing that I personally think is worthy of this award because of the number of pitches and the circumstances (it was the same game as the brawl with Arizona).


The Padres. San Diego was 5-2 this week after they split a four game series with Colorado and swept Atlanta. It's not that easy to beat the Braves on any given night and because the Padres swept them, they are deserving of this award. San Diego also averaged 5.86 runs per game over the past week.


Arizona pitcher Ian Kennedy:

The Diamondbacks' pitcher had one of the worst pitching performances of the year this past week. Here was his final line after last Thursday's loss to St. Louis: 4.0 IP, 13 H, 10 ER, 2 BB, 4 Ks, 99 pitches. That line won't get you a victory in almost any baseball game. Arizona ended up losing that game 12-8.