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Dodgers, MLB reach tentative agreement on cable deal, per report

LA Times reporting that Dodgers and MLB have come together on deal which would send Dodgers $6 billion over lifetime of cable contract.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Shaikin of the Los Angeles Times is reporting that under a tentative agreement with Major League Baseball, the Dodgers would retain about $6 billion in their proposed deal with Time Warner Cable.

Shaikin writes, "the settlement between the Dodgers and MLB indicates the overall value of the Dodgers' 25-year contract with Time Warner Cable at about $8.5 billion, according to one of the sources of the settlement information." The Dodgers would pay about $2 billion into revenue sharing over life of the cable deal.

There was a reported disagreement between Dodgers and MLB over terms of the settlement agreement between former owner Frank McCourt and MLB as part of the Bankruptcy Court proceeding, those differences appear to be worked out now.

Shaikin also said owner and President of Guggenheim Partners Todd Boehly, who would not comment directly on the story, but Boehly said that the proposed deal would mean the Dodgers would be able to maintain the current record payroll.

The Dodgers previously announced their agreement with Time Warner Sports in late January and have been working with MLB, who still must approve any television contract, since that time to resolve any issues.