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When there was optimism

Before 28 - 37 was a reality, before 21 pitchers passed through the pen, before nearly uncountable days lost to the disabled list, there was a sparkle of optimism in Chavez Ravine on Opening Day for the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Before the game starts, the possibilities seem infinite
Before the game starts, the possibilities seem infinite
David Young

Perhaps it will be fun to look back to a happier time, to Opening Day for the Dodgers, when hope was springing eternal and the outlook was sunny.

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Glimpsing the nearly empty stadium, we could project anything we wished onto the tabula rasa of a new season, it was clear who a prime focus of Opening Day would be (Clayton Kershaw of course), and the only acceptable form of bunting was in full display.
Dodgerstadiumearlyod_mediumKershawcover_medium Bunting_medium

Sparkling new sculptures adorned the hallowed grounds, the last of these behind right field (should he be dubbed "Yasiel"?)
Lasculpture_medium Koufaxball_medium Pigsculpture_medium

The new scoreboards were resplendent, and the field was dressed to the nines, albeit with one exceedingly ugly accessory.
Bmgscoreboard_medium Openingserieslogo_medium Giantslogo_medium

LA sports legends graced the grass as they performed the time-honored first-pitch ritual.
Prefirstpitch_medium Magic1stpitch_medium Pitchingchange1stpitch_medium Koufax1stpitch_medium

The rosters were introduced with each player receiving his welcome, the anthem was sung, and finally the players took the field.
Pregameintros_mediumUnfurledflag_medium Takingthefield_medium

And then the season began. Perfectly.

All photos by the author. Cover photo of Clayton Kershaw by the Dodgers.