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Dodgers links: Yasiel Puig, Andre Ethier, Scott Van Slyke

Yasiel Puig is becoming a target, Scott Van Slyke carries on "the tradition" and Andre Ethier might not know what his place in the lineup is.


Thursday was an off day but there was no shortage of Dodgers news:

Yasiel Puig seems to love playing in the majors with his big smiles and monster home runs. But ESPN's Mark Saxon wonders if Puig's excitement makes him a target.

Matt Kemp and Carl Crawford are close to returning from the DL and Puig is on fire. So where does that put Andre Ethier? The outfielder spoke with Dylan Hernandez and said, "It's not in your control... It's nothing you can have a say about, except to go out there and play hard."

Scott Van Slyke isn't the first Van Slyke in the majors. Andy Van Slyke, Scott's father, "instilled a lot of values" in Scott that he tries to instill in his children, writes Ken Gurnick of

Wendy Thurm at Fangraphs wrote about Gerrit Cole, whom the Dodgers will face on Sunday in Pittsburgh, and the star power of prospects.