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Hanley Ramirez & the worst foul ball

Hanley Ramirez went 1-for-5 on Saturday, but none of the at-bats were more painful than in the seventh inning.

Mark, aka @PA_Dodger

Hanley Ramirez has had a painful season, filled with two extended stays on the disabled list. He missed 24 games plus the last two weeks of spring training with a dislocated thumb. He missed 28 games with a strained left hamstring, then went over a week without starting after a brief setback. But nothing this season was as painful as the seventh inning Saturday at PNC Park.

Ramirez was going about his business at the plate when he fouled a ball that took the most unfortunate of bounces. Chad Moriyama captured it in its cruel, GIF form.


The great @PA_Dodger was at the game in Pittsburgh, and happened to take his own photo, which captured the imperfect moment perfectly.

Stay strong, Hanley.