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Dodgers at Pirates: Sunday rubber match between Zack Greinke and Gerrit Cole

Zack Greinke is one of the best pitchers, Geritt Cole aspires to become one of the best pitchers.

Stephen Dunn

The Dodgers paid Zack Greinke $147-million to seize opportunities like Sunday's series deciding matchup. Greinke, one of the blue crew aces, faces off with Gerritt Cole, the Pirates young top pitching prospect. Runs could be scarce, meaning three or four could be enough to get the job done.

Cole delivered a loud message in his first outing by tossing 6 and two thirds innings, allowed only two runs and got the victory over the Giants. However, the sample size is low, and Cole still needs to prove himself -- defeating Greinke would do so.

The season hasn't gone as planned for Greinke, but the season is beginning to get back on track. Greinke has been excellent over the last 14 innings, giving up a mere two runs and striking out 12. The slow start by Greinke should be attributed to the collarbone injury and practically no spring training.

In the grand scheme, the Dodgers are trying to win their first road series since May 20-22 at Milwaukee. Among the teams countless problems, road deficiencies are high up on the list. The Dodgers are currently on a nine game road trip (seven left), and desperately need to improve upon their 10-18 mark away from Chavez Revine.

Meanwhile, the Pirates 24 home victories are more than any other team in baseball. Therefore, if the Dodgers can win at PNC park, maybe they can win anywhere?