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Dodgers vs. Phillies: Spanish language TV broadcasts Thursday & Friday

Jorge Jarrin and Manny Mota will call the Dodgers games against the Phillies on Thursday and Friday in Spanish on television.


The first two games of the Dodgers' series against the Phillies at Dodger Stadium will not only be televised on Prime Ticket, but also on Prime Ticket's Spanish language TV. Dodger Talk co-host Jorge Jarrin will call play-by-play, while longtime Dodgers player and coach Manny Mota will provide analysis.

The Spanish language broadcasts on Thursday and Friday will include play-by-play, separate graphics, as well as player interviews and more.

The broadcasts will be available on the following providers in southern California:

Time Warner LA - 858 Digital LO "Time Warner Cable Special Programs"

Orange County - 84 (Cox TV Essential) and 410 (Latino Pak)

Palos Verdes - 84 (Cox TV Essential) and 422 (Latino Pak)

Santa Barbara - 84 (Cox TV Essential) and 422 (Latino Pak)

Las Vegas - 98 (Cox)

Bright House Bakersfield- 632 (Sports en Español)

Game info

Time: 7:10 p.m.

TV: Prime Ticket, in English and Spanish

MLB Gameday