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Dodgers favored to win National League West

Despite trailing in the division, the hard charging Dodgers are listed by Bovada as favorites to catch and pass the Diamondbacks to win the National League West.


The Dodgers' furious run heading into the All-Star break has brought them back to .500 and just 2½ games back of the Diamondbacks in the National League West. Winners of 17 of their last 22 games, the Dodgers are now considered the favorites to win the division by the betting service Bovada.

The Dodgers are 10/11 favorites to win the NL West, meaning a winning $11 bet earns $10. Arizona is next at 7/4, the Giants are at 7/1, and the Rockies are 15/2. The Padres, losers of 14 of their last 16 games, are long shots at 25/1.

Separately, Bovada offers a bet of "Will the Dodgers make the playoffs?" A yes bet is -150 (2/3), meaning a $150 bet is needed to win $100. A no bet is +110 (11/10), meaning a $100 bet wins $110.

A bet of Clayton Kershaw to win the NL Cy Young Award nets 4/1 odds, putting him second to Adam Wainwright (3/1) of the Cardinals to win the award. Patrick Corbin is next at 11/2 odds.

Yadier Molina (3/2) of the Cardinals is the favorite over Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt (9/2) to win NL Most Valuable Player. No Dodger is listed by Bovada, who gives its highest odds at 20/1 for Michael Cuddyer of the Rockies.