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International signing period: Dodgers sign Venezuelan SS Moises Perez, per report

Perez becomes the fifth 16-year-old player signed by the Dodgers to a bonus of at least $200,000 during the current international signing period.


The Dodgers made another move on the international market on Thursday with the signing of Venezuelan shortstop Moises Perez. The 16-year-old infielder signed for a bonus of $250,000 per Ben Badler of Baseball America.

Badler called Perez "an athletic player who stands out in the field with clean hands, good actions and an above-average arm. He’s a 6-foot righthanded hitter whose advanced glove is ahead of his bat."

Here is Perez signing his contract.

There have only been two Moises to play Major League Baseball: outfielders Moises Alou and Moises Sierra, both Dominican.

The quarter million pushes the Dodgers closer to their international spending cap. The Dodgers have added $406,700 in international bonus slots in trade, increasing their spending limit to $2,519,600.

Dodgers International Signing Period 2013-2014
Pos Player Country Age Bonus
SS Lucas Tirado Dominican Republic 16 $1,000,000
IF Alberto Estrella Dominican Republic 16 $600,000
SS Moises Perez Venezuela 16 $250,000
RHP Alvaro Trillo Venezuela 16 $200,000
OF Daniel Padilla Venezuela 16 $200,000
Totals $2,250,000
International spending cap $2,519,600
Money remaining $269,600

Any signing bonuses between now and June 15, 2014 of $10,000 or less do not count against the cap, and all clubs are allowed to sign six players for up to $50,000 each that don't count against the cap.