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Yasiel Puig, Coast Guard, All-Star Game, etc

The story of the 22-year-old Cuban outfielder's journey to the United States is fascinating, and Jeff Passan reveals even more of it at Yahoo! Sports.


The story of Yasiel Puig continues to amaze as we learn more and more back story to the man who has excited Dodgers fans for a month. Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times wrote of Puig's path to the Dodgers once the outfielder arrived in Mexico back in early June, but on Tuesday Jeff Passan at Yahoo! Sports has an amazing story of one of Puig's escape attempts from Cuba getting intercepted by the United States Coast Guard.

Passan's story is fascinating, and this paragraph was particularly potent:

Injury and serendipity brought him to Los Angeles, and the All-Star talk isn't far-fetched. Puig is addictive. He washes away all of the flaws in his game with a cocktail of aptitude and panache that plays to the sensibilities of baseball junkies and neophytes alike. Even if June is an aberration, it speaks to the power of one player, the power of a dream realized.

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