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Carlos Marmol trade: Dodgers send Matt Guerrier to Cubs, receive international bonus money

The Dodgers and Cubs exchanged a pair of relievers who were designated for assignment in the last week.


The Dodgers made official on Tuesday their trade for Carlos Marmol. The Cubs sent the volatile relief pitcher to Los Angeles plus cash and international bonus slot No. 92, in exchange for reliever Matt Guerrier.

Both pitchers were designated for assignment last week; Marmol on Tuesday, Guerrier on Sunday.

The No. 92 international bonus slot is worth $209,700, which gives the Dodgers more money to spend on bonuses for international amateurs. Tuesday is the first day of the international signing period, which runs through June 15. The Dodgers' new international cap is $2,322,600.

With 90 days left in the season, Marmol ($9.8 million) is due approximately $4,819,672 the remainder of the season, while Guerrier ($3.75 million) is due approximately $1,844,262.

Bill Plunkett of the Orange County Register says the Dodgers are paying a "little more than half" of Marmol's remaining salary, while Dylan Hernandez adds a little more detail, saying the trade adds "around $500k" to the Dodgers' payroll. Which means the Cubs sent the Dodgers roughly $2.5 million.

In other words, the Dodgers paid roughly $500,000 for an extra $209,700 of international cap space. Subtract the roughly $240,000 of a minimum-salaried player (Chris Withrow?) whose roster spot Marmol will take and the Dodgers paid about $260,000 for $209,700, a better deal than paying the 75% overage tax.

Anything Marmol produces on the field is gravy on the cake.

The Dodgers will need to make a move to activate Marmol whenever he joins the team.

The Dodgers' 40-man roster is now full.