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Interleague play: Dodgers seek rare win in AL park

The Dodgers have split six games in Toronto, winning two of three games against the Blue Jays in 2007 and losing two of three in 2004.


The Dodgers head to Toronto playing their best baseball of the season, hoping their red hot play will offset their normally putrid play in American League parks. This is the final interleague road series of the season for the Dodgers, and the final series on their current six-game road trip.

We looked into the Dodgers' AL dilemma back in April:

Since the beginning of the 2005 season the Dodgers are just 17-49 (.258) when playing in American League parks. Only the Pirates have been worse during that span, at 11-46 (.193) on the road during interleague play.

Since then the Dodgers lost two of three in Baltimore, lost both games in Anaheim, and split two games at Yankee Stadium, putting them at 2-5 in American League parks this season and 19-54 (.260) in the last nine seasons. Those pesky Pirates, on their way to their first winning record in 21 years, are 6-1 on the road in interleaguue play this season and have pulled ahead of the Dodgers at 17-47 (.266), meaning nobody has been worse than the Dodgers on the road in interleague play since the start of 2005.

But if there was a time for the Dodgers to win the fifth series of their last 26 in AL parks, it's now.

The Dodgers haven't played in Toronto since 2007, when they won two of three games for one of those rare road series wins. Andre Ethier went 3-for-3 in one of the games. Matt Kemp went 2-for-2 in another. Chad Billingsley made his first start of 2007 in Toronto after starting the year in the bullpen for 2.5 months. Hong-Chih Kuo had his worst start - yes, start - ever in Toronto in 2007, allowing eight runs while recording five outs.

It was a different time. But can the Dodgers win a series in Toronto again like they did six years ago?

Overall the Dodgers are unbeaten in their last nine series (6-0-3).