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The villains of early spring have become solid components for the hottest team in the National League.

Harry How

The average Dodger fan is not very patient with under performing players which is understandable. What was a little shocking this summer was just how impatient the supposedly informed truebluela members were with players who all had historically solid careers.

Hanley Ramirez and Yasiel Puig have gotten all the attention during the Dodgers emergence this summer, but every player has played a key role including the players who no one wanted on the team in late spring as the team struggled in last place.

Eric Stephen will eventually be doing his monthly recap but I just want to focus on what these three players have done recently.

When League struggled as the closer he was removed to the setup role, Yet that wasn't good enough, the calls for the Dodgers to simply release him were heard over and over. It was like his 2012 had never happened, or the five plus years as a decent relief option.

Skip Schumaker who is as solid a bench player as any team could hope to have evidently just wasn't good enough for this team. The calls for him to be released was curious, just exactly where were they going to find a left handed bench player who can play second base, and every position in the outfield? Skip had the resume as the best bench player for a perennial play off team in Saint Louis.

Bellisario was outstanding just one year ago. Yet he struggled early and many simply did not want to wait out his struggles.

I guess you could even put Don Mattingly in this column. The calls for him to be fired were being heard from everywhere.

Skip Schumaker fills in against right hand pitching in left field or second base. In July, Skip is raking with a TSL (BA / OBA / Slug%) headed into Sunday of .405 / .421 /. 676. His home run Saturday Night majestically carried over the center field fence, his first home run ever at Dodger Stadium.

Brandon League has won three games this week. Actually Brandon League has won a game in each of his last three appearances. Bet that doesn't happen very often. You have to get lucky to win three games in three appearances, but you also have to be pitching in highly leveraged situations and not fail. Brandon has not failed, he has delivered.

Ronaldo Belisario has simply been outstanding since June 12th when he gave up four earned runs. Since the that time, Belisario has given up ONE EARNED RUN in eighteen games.