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Clayton Kershaw on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kershaw in his appearance on the ABC late night show on Monday announced a charity ping pong tournament to be held at Dodger Stadium on Thursday, Aug. 29.

Dodgers ace Clayton Kershaw spent part of his Monday off day as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC. The 25-year-old discussed the Dodgers' recent surge into first place, a rookie prank by Jason Schmidt, and Kershaw's great uncle discovering Pluto.

The first part of the interview is above, and the second part is here:

But perhaps most importantly, Kershaw discussed his love for ping pong, and reminisced about his spring training doubles tournament triumph with Shawn Tolleson.

"Ping pong is my second favorite sport. I love it," Kershaw told Kimmel. "In spring training (the clubhouse) is the only place we can play because we have a lot of free time in spring training. We get all these doubles tournaments going, it's a ton of fun. We're in there a lot more than we're practicing, that's for sure."

Kershaw also leaked word of a charity ping pong tournament at Dodger Stadium on Thursday, Aug. 29, like Monday a rare off day in the middle of a homestand. All the proceeds will go to Kershaw's Challenge as well as various other local charities, per Kershaw.

Jerry Hairston was watching the broadcast and sounds ready for the challenge.

Kershaw also played ping pong against actor Neil Patrick Harris, the lead guest of Kimmel on Monday, but the footage wasn't shown during the broadcast.

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