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Time Warner, CBS extension means Dodgers-Yankees can be seen on KCAL

The deadline in negotiations between CBS and Time Warner has been extended to Friday afternoon, which is good news for local Time Warner customers wanting to watch baseball on Tuesday night.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The opening game of the series between the Dodgers and Yankees is on KCAL and, thanks to continued negotiations will be seen by Time Warner subscribers on Tuesday night.

Time Warner threatened to drop CBS stations on Monday in a dispute over increased rights fees, and briefly went dark just after 9 p.m. PT on Monday night. Folks in at least Los Angeles, New York and Dallas saw this image on screen on CBS, but after a few minutes the signal returned and negotiations continued.

The deadline has now been moved to Friday at 2 p.m., per Joe Flint of the Los Angeles Times:

"Time Warner Cable seems incapable of accepting the concept that the value of a company's programming should be in line with its popularity," CBS said in a statement after Time Warner Cable had taken its signals down.

Fights between programmers and distributors over money are fairly common but seldom does it get to a point where signals get taken off the air, especially in big markets such as Los Angeles and New York.

If pay-TV customers lose a local CBS station, they can still receive the signal over the air for free with an antenna. Some CBS content is also available online.

KCAL is owned by CBS. Tuesday night is the only Dodgers game on KCAL this week. The remaining games against the Yankees and in Chicago will televised by either Prime Ticket or Fox.

In addition, Wednesday's Dodgers-Yankees game will be televised on Prime Ticket, and will also be available in Spanish on a separate broadcast with Jorge Jarrin and Manny Mota on the call. The Spanish-language broadcast is available on these channels and providers: Time Warner LA - 858 Digital LO “Time Warner Cable Special Programs,” Orange County - 84 (Cox TV Essential) and 410 (Latino Pak), Palos Verdes - 84 (Cox TV Essential) and 422 (Latino Pak), Santa Barbara - 84 (Cox TV Essential) and 422 (Latino Pak), Las Vegas - 98 (Cox) and Bright House Bakersfield- 632 (Sports en Español).

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