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NL West weekly report: Dodgers no longer in the cellar

A recap of what happened in the National League West from June 27-July 3; the Diamondbacks managed to stay in first while the other four teams continue to switch spots in the standings


The Dodgers are no longer in last place and have won 10 of their last 11. Let's see what else happened this past week in the National League West.


Diamondbacks: Arizona was 2-5 this week. This Diamondbacks won their first game this week, but then were swept by the Braves. The Dbacks then traveled to New York where they lost two in a row to the Mets before winning their final game of the week.

Just like the every other team in the NL West this week except Los Angeles, Arizona's offense struggled. They averaged 2.9 runs per game while the pitching staff allowed on average 5.6 runs per game. The Diamondbacks gave up 9 runs Tuesday to the Mets and eleven runs on Saturday to the Braves. Overall, the pitching struggled almost as much as the offense.

Rockies: Colorado was 2-4 this week. The Rockies lost their first game this past week, but then quickly won their next two. After winning Friday and Saturday, Colorado dropped three straight; one to San Francisco and two to Los Angeles.

The Rockies played every game at home this week but couldn't take advantage of the "home field advantage." In their four losses, Colorado was outscored 26-12. Over the course of the week, the Rockies' offense averaged 3 runs per game while the pitching staff surrendered on average 4.7 runs per game. In the final two games of the week against Los Angeles, Colorado was outscored 18-8.

Giants: San Francisco was 1-5 this week. The Giants dropped their first two games in Colorado this week before winning their third. After that, SF traveled to Cincinnati where they lost three straight games to the Reds.

The Giants scored one run in each of their first two games before scoring five in their only win this week. In Cincinnati, San Francisco scored three runs in three games (one in the first game, zero in the second, two in the third). In the second game of their series against the Reds, the Giants were no-hit by Homer Bailey (more on that later).

Padres: San Diego was 1-5 this week. The Padres started off the week on a positive note when they defeated the Marlins 9-2. But after that, San Diego lost its next five games to finish off the week at 1-5.

After scoring nine runs in its first game, San Diego averaged only one run a game over its next five. In their last three games this week, the Padres scored two runs while giving up ten. In its series against Miami, San Diego gave up 19 runs while scoring only 12. But if you don't include the first game of their four game series against the Marlins, the Padres were outscored 17-3.

Dodgers: Los Angeles was 5-1 this week. The Dodgers won their first game of the week 6-4 over the Phillies before losing the second game of the week 16-1 to the same Phillies team. But after that, LA won its next four games to finish with the only winning record in the NL West over the last seven days (for the second week in a row).

Los Angeles' offense was on fire this entire week, except for Friday when they scored one run. Overall, the team averaged 5.8 runs per game. If you only calculate the runs they averaged over their five wins, the Dodgers averaged 6.8 runs per game. In short, LA's offense was incredible this past week.


Diamondbacks: One game against the Mets, three games against the Rockies, three games against the Dodgers

Rockies: One game against the Dodgers, three games against the Diamondbacks, three games against the Padres

Giants: One game against the Reds, three games against the Dodgers, three games against the Mets

Padres: One game against the Red Sox, three games against the Nationals, three games against the Rockies

Dodgers: One game against the Rockies, three games against the Giants, three games against the Diamondbacks


Dodgers' infielder Hanley Ramirez. The infielder hit .523 with two stolen bases, three doubles, two homers, and five RBIs. Not bad for someone who played in only FIVE games. This wasn't the only award Ramirez earned this week...


Dodgers' infielder Hanley Ramirez. The shortstop/third baseman went 3-4 on June 29th against the Phillies with a stolen base, a double, a home run, three RBIs, and two runs scored. In this game, Ramirez raised his batting average at the time from .419 to .436. Hanley's three-run-homer gave LA the lead in the first, while his single in the ninth made it possible for A.J. Ellis to knock him in on a walk-off single.


The Dodgers. For the second week in a row, Los Angeles had the only winning record over the past seven days of any team in the NL West. Heading into this week, LA was in last place and six games back, but at the end of the week, Los Angeles finished tied for second and only 2.5 games back. Excluding the 16-1 loss, the Dodgers outscored the Phillies 16-8 over three games before out-slugging the Rockies 18-8 in two games.


This award would normally go to a pitcher that gives up a ton of runs in a couple innings or a hitter that strikes out in all of his at-bats. But this week, it's going to the Giants' lineup on July 2nd. Why is that? Well, on July 2nd, San Francisco lost to the Reds 3-0 when Homer Bailey through the first no-hitter of the season and the first since September 28th of last year when Bailey no-hit the Pirates. Bailey gave up one walk to Gregor Blanco in the seventh and struck out nine.