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Where have you gone Bobby Abreu? A glance at the Dodgers one year ago

Today is America's birthday but here's a look back to a year ago and you might think today was Thanksgiving when you take a look at the starting nine for the Blue on July 4, 2012

Harry How

This was the starting lineup for your Los Angeles Dodgers on July 4, 2012, in parentheses is that player's current 2013 location:

SS Dee Gordon (AAA Albuquerque)

3B Luis Cruz (Yankees)

LF Bobby Abreu (out of baseball)

1B James Loney (Rays)

2B Adam Kennedy (out of baseball)

RF Scott Van Slyke (Dodgers)

CF Elian Herrera (AAA Albuquerque)

C Matt Treanor (out of baseball)

P Aaron Harang (Mariners)

Other players who were in this game for the Dodgers: Mark Ellis (Dodgers), Juan Rivera (out of baseball), Tony Gwynn, Jr. (AAA Albuquerque), Ronald Belisario (Dodgers), and Kenley Jansen (Dodgers)

This game was also notable for Dee Gordon injuring his thumb during a successful steal attempt at third base. He would miss the next two months. The Dodgers did beat the Reds this day 4-1 and move back into first place with a 46-37 record.

As for Thursday's game in Colorado, Dodgers that could be lineup include Hanley Ramirez who was still in Miami at this time in 2012; Adrian Gonzalez and Nick Punto who were both in Boston; Skip Schumaker who was in St. Louis; and Yasiel Puig who had just signed his contract with the Dodgers a few days earlier. Matt Kemp and Andre Ethier were both on the disabled list.

Whether or not you agree with any, many or all of the moves the Dodgers have made since Guggenheim bought the team, there is no question that the July 4, 2013 version has a lot more talent now than the 2012 team appeared to have a year ago.