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All-Star Game

Yasiel Puig and Adrian Gonzalez named to Final Vote for final NL All-Star roster spot

If Puig wins the Final Vote, he will become the sixth Dodgers rookie to be named to the All-Star team.


Yasiel Puig wasn't voted to start the 2013 MLB All-Star Game as a write-in candidate by the fans. He wasn't selected to the National League roster via player vote, nor was he named by manager Bruce Bochy in conjunction with the commissioner's office. But Puig still has one more shot to be an All-Star, as he is one of five candidates in the Final Vote.

The All-Star Game will be held Tuesday, July 16 at Citi Field in New York. For the Final Vote, Puig is competing against teammate Adrian Gonzalez, Ian Desmond, Hunter Pence and Freddie Freeman for the 34th and final roster spot on the NL team.

Puig has taken the National League by storm since his major league debut on June 3. He is hitting .420/.449/.706 and even though he has played in just 30 games he has already amassed 50 hits and eight home runs. He won both the Rookie of the Month and the Player of the Month in the NL in June, the only player to win Player of the Month in his first month in the majors since the award was instituted in 1958.

If Puig wins the Final Vote he will become the sixth Dodgers rookie to be named to an All-Star team, joining Don Newcombe (1949), Fernando Valenzuela (1981), Steve Sax (1982), Mike Piazza (1993) and Hideo Nomo (1995).

The Final Vote was instituted in 2002, and Puig is the fourth Dodger to be nominated. Nomar Garciaparra won the Final Vote in 2006, while Matt Kemp (2009) and Andre Ethier (2011) took turns losing to Shane Victorino. Ethier ended up an All-Star in 2011 anyway, his second consecutive trip to the midsummer classic, when Victorino was placed on the disabled list.

The Final Vote is open until Thursday, when the winner is announced.