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LA Dodgers leading majors in attendance through July

The LA Dodgers are tops in Major League Baseball attendance through the month of July. The horror stories of failing attendance under McCourt appear in the rear view mirror for now.


The Los Angeles Dodgers currently leads all of Major League Baseball in attendance and, according to the Sports Business Journal, through July 22nd attendance has been up 7.3% year to year for the LA baseball club. A winning team, a renewed faith in ownership, and solid giveaways have returned the Dodgers to the top of the turnstile counts.

The Dodgers are currently averaging 45,060 sold per game, tops in MLB. With 56 home games (one of the higher totals out there), they've sold over 2.5 million tickets on the year. Clubs like Tampa Bay and Miami, even with Miami's new stadium, aren't likely to hit that mark on the year.

There's nothing that sportswriters like discussing more than attendance. Ever since teams switched from turnstile count to tickets sold, writers love complaining about how the announced attendance doesn't reflect the turnout at the ballpark, or tweeting out photos of poorly attended games, or suggesting teams should move after a year of poor attendance.

When Frank McCourt became a scapegoat for all the Dodger problems, issues with attendance were placed firmly on his shoulders. When attendance bounced back last year with McCourt removed, attendance was back up but not magnificent so it remained a story.

Now that things are starting to swing, there haven't been too many "Yay, Dodger attendance is good again!" articles. Earlier in the year, discuss the Dodgers' good attendance had to be juxtaposed with the Angels losing fans.

Right behind the Dodgers are the Giants, riding a World Series high. The Giants have averaged almost a sellout per game with their reduced-capacity ballpark.

The Dodgers still sit in their ambitious ballpark at the conflux of major freeways, hoping to draw from all over the southland. It seems like there's still a story in LA being able to execute an over 50-year-old plan.