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True Blue LA Dodger game night: August 26 vs. Cubs

Been a long time coming but we finally have the first TBLA Dodger game night scheduled.

Brian Kersey

Monday Night 7:00PM

MVP Infield Reserve Section 3 - Right behind home plate, 3rd base side

Price - $15

Rows K - O

We have five rows of six, on the aisle so can kibitz with each other, throw peanuts, popcorn, and give awkward hugs when Puig does something Puigy.

Tickets will be emailed, if you want to go, reply underneath the first comment. Each ticket will have a specific seat, but once we get there you can negotiate with whoever, to sit where you want within our area.

We have the ability to get more tickets so don't fret about quantity. Everyone is welcome, family, friends, and whatevers.

Payment would be preferred at the game with cash.

Members Going:
Kevin - Robot
Bobby  - Ivdown
David - ishXdavid
Kevin - Ghost
Gary- Gary
Maddz- Maddz
Brandon - Brandon
Thomas/Allison - Thomas
Lex - Lex
Paul - Berkowitz
Gerry - Pure Azure
Julio - Julio
Joe- HJ
Marty - Marty
Josie- Josie
Larry - lawrose
Nick - overkill



What more information is required?