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Dodgers schedule: Welcome back, NL West

The Dodgers last played a game against a divisional foe on July 14, but their remaining schedule is almost entirely against the National League West.


The Dodgers begin the home stretch on Friday night, with 29 games in the final 31 days of the regular season, including 26 games left against National League West foes. Here is a look at the remaining schedule for the Dodgers, with a couple of notes:

Dodgers remaining 2013 schedule
Day Date Opponent Time (PT) Channel
Fri 8/30 San Diego 7:10 p.m. Prime
Sat 8/31 San Diego 6:10 p.m. Prime
Sun 9/1 San Diego 1:10 p.m. Prime
Mon 9/2 @ Colorado 1:10 p.m. KCAL
Tue 9/3 @ Colorado 5:40 p.m. KCAL
Wed 9/4 @ Colorado 5:40 p.m. KCAL
Thu 9/5 Off day
Fri 9/6 @ Cincinnati 4:10 p.m. Prime
Sat 9/7 @ Cincinnati 10:05 a.m. Fox
Sun 9/8 @ Cincinnati 5:05 p.m. ESPN
Mon 9/9 Arizona 7:10 p.m. Prime
Tue 9/10 Arizona 7:10 p.m. KCAL
Wed 9/11 Arizona 7:10 p.m. Prime/ESPN
Thu 9/12 San Francisco 7:10 p.m. Prime
Fri 9/13 San Francisco 7:10 p.m. Prime
Sat 9/14 San Francisco 6:10 p.m. Prime
Sun 9/15 San Francisco 1:10 p.m. Prime
Mon 9/16 @ Arizona 6:40 p.m. Prime
Tue 9/17 @ Arizona 6:40 p.m. KCAL
Wed 9/18 @ Arizona 7:10 p.m. Prime/ESPN
Thu 9/19 @ Arizona 12:40 p.m. KCAL
Fri 9/20 @ San Diego
7:10 p.m. Prime
Sat 9/21 @ San Diego 5:40 p.m. Prime
Sun 9/22 @ San Diego 1:10 p.m. Prime
Mon 9/23 Off day
Tue 9/24 @ San Francisco 7:15 p.m. KCAL
Wed 9/25 @ San Francisco 7:15 p.m. KCAL
Thu 9/26 @ San Francisco 7:15 p.m. Prime
Fri 9/27 Colorado 7:10 p.m. Prime
Sat 9/28 Colorado 6:10 p.m. Prime
Sun 9/29 Colorado 1:10 p.m. Prime

Last week ESPN added a pair of Wednesday Dodgers games against the Diamondbacks to their schedule. The game on Sept. 11 at Dodger Stadium and the Sept. 18 game in Phoenix will be shown on ESPN, though not exclusively. The games can be seen locally on Prime Ticket. The Sept. 18 game in Arizona was moved from a 6:40 p.m. start to 7:10 p.m. PT to accommodate ESPN.

Next weekend in Cincinnati will feature a pair of exclusive broadcasts, as Saturday morning's game on Sept. 7 will be on Fox, and the next night will be the Dodgers' fourth appearance this season on ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, including the third time in five weeks.

The Dodgers are just 23-27 against the National League West this season, but that includes 14 wins in their last 18 games against divisional foes after a horrific 9-23 start against Arizona, Colorado, San Diego and San Francisco.

The Dodgers have 13 home games remaining and 16 road games. That final 10-game road trip from Sept. 16-26 sure looks like the time when the Dodgers, who currently hold a 9½-game lead over the Diamondbacks, might clinch the National League West. The Dodgers have clinched their last two and four of their last five playoff berths, dating back to 1996, while at home.

The earliest the Dodgers have clinched a playoff spot since moving to Los Angeles was in 1977 when they won the NL West in their 151st contest, with 11 games remaining on the schedule.