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Dodgers acquire Michael Young from Phillies

In a move that should have been seen coming from a mile away, the Dodgers have reportedly added Michael Young in a trade with the Phillies. Will he be the next Marlon Anderson or Ronnie Belliard?


The Dodgers on Saturday night have reportedly made a move, acquiring infielder Michael Young from the Phillies, per Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports. The trade comes just before the 9 p.m. PT deadline for players to be eligible for the postseason.

The Dodgers will send a minor league pitcher to the Phillies, per Jayson Stark of ESPN. Young had a no-trade clause as well that needs to be waived for the deal to be finalized, something Young has already done per Rosenthal.

The two questions that need to be answered are exactly whom did the Dodgers send to the Phillies and just how much salary are the Dodgers paying. The likely answer to the second question is all of it, which means the Dodgers assume the remainder of Young's $16 million salary, or roughly $2,535,519 with 29 days left in the season (the Phillies received $10 million from the Rangers to offset his 2013 salary in a trade before the season, but that doesn't mean they have to trade that money, or any portion of it).

Young, 36, is hitting .276/.336/.395 this season, with 24 doubles and eight home runs in 125 games. Though he used to be a shortstop, Young has played mostly third base (98 starts) and first base (17 starts) this season. The problem for Young is his defense, rated by most defensive metrics as either below average or terrible at every infield position for the last few seasons.

If Young is an extra bat on the bench, he could be an asset. But every potential start he takes from Juan Uribe at third base greatly hinders the defense.

In his career Young has hit .309/.362/.465 against left-handed pitchers, though he is down to just .224/.313/.362 against southpaws this season.