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Kenley Jansen & his perfect game

Since his major league debut on July 24, 2010, the converted catcher Jansen has 320 strikeouts, which ranks second among all relief pitchers during that span to Craig Kimbrel (340) of the Braves. Jansen retired 27 straight batters over the last 17 days, the longest streak of his career.

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It won't count as a perfect game, nor should it, but that doesn't diminish the accomplishment concluded by Dodgers closer Kenley Jansen on Thursday night in St. Louis. David Freese singled with two outs in the ninth inning off Jansen, but he didn't score. Not many have scored in 2013 against Jansen, who sports a 2.01 ERA. What that single did was end a streak of 27 consecutive outs recorded by Jansen, including a whopping 15 by strikeout.

Here is a look at every out of the streak, a reasonable facsimile of a perfect game:

Kenley Jansen's 27 up, 27 down
Out Date Player Team Result Pitches
1 July 23 Brett Lawrie Toronto fly out to LF 2
2 July 24 Jose Bautista Toronto ground out to SS 2
3 July 24 Edwin Encarnacion Toronto fly out to CF 3
4 July 24 Adam Lind Toronto strikeout swinging 5
5 July 26 Joey Votto Cincinnati lineout to LF 5
6 July 26 Brandon Phillips Cincinnati strikeout swinging 6
7 July 26 Jay Bruce Cincinnati strikeout swinging 4
8 July 27 Shin-Soo Choo Cincinnati ground out to SS 4
9 July 27 Chris Heisey Cincinnati fly out to RF 5
10 July 27 Joey Votto Cincinnati fly out to LF 2
11 July 28 Joey Votto Cincinnati line out to CF 2
12 July 28 Brandon Phillips Cincinnati fly out to CF 6
13 July 28 Jay Bruce Cincinnati ground out to 1B 1
14 July 30 Robinson Cano New York strikeout swinging 7
15 July 30 Alfonso Soriano New York strikeout swinging 5
16 July 30 Lyle Overbay New York fly out to LF 3
17 August 1 Starlin Castro Chicago strikeout swinging 4
18 August 1 Cody Ransom Chicago strikeout looking 4
19 August 1 Darwin Barney Chicago strikeout looking 4
20 August 3 Starlin Castro Chicago strikeout swinging 6
21 August 3 Nate Schierholtz Chicago ground out to 1B 3
22 August 3 Cody Ransom Chicago strikeout swinging 4
23 August 4 Logan Watkins Chicago strikeout looking 5
24 August 4 Starlin Castro Chicago strikeout swinging 3
25 August 4 Welington Castillo Chicago strikeout swinging 7
26 August 8 Allen Craig St. Louis strikeout swinging 4
27 August 8 Matt Holliday St. Louis strikeout swinging 7

Jansen, who leads all MLB relief pitchers with 84 strikeouts, struck out 15 in his pseudo perfect game, including the final six batters and 12 of the last 14. He needed 113 pitches to record the 27 outs, including 83 strikes.

It was the longest streak of consecutive batters retired by Jansen, surpassing a streak of 22 straight from July 19 to Aug. 30, 2011. Jansen also had a "no-hitter" in 2012 from June 15 to July 13, which included two walks and 14 strikeouts over nine innings.

Jansen's streak of eight consecutive relief appearances of at least one inning with no base runners allowed, snapped Thursday night, was the longest by a Dodger since at least 1916.