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Do the Dodgers have a good shot to clinch tonight, a look back at prior playoff seasons

Do the Dodgers close out their division/wild-card opponents as soon as possible?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight, the Dodgers have their chance to wrap up the 2013 NL West division at their earliest opportunity since 1977. Eric wrote an article a few days that went over the earliest dates of clinching a playoff spot. A look back at Dodgers in Divisional play (since 1969) shows us that the Dodgers generally take the first chance they get to get into the playoffs.

Year No. of games it took to clinch after Magic No. is 1
Date of clinching Other notes
1974 2 10/1/1974 Most regular season wins in divisional era, clinched with Cincinnati loss
1977 1 9/20/1978 Current earliest date and point of season of clinching a playoff spot in LA Dodger history
1978 1 9/24/1978 Clinched first back to back playoff appearances since 1966
1983 1 9/30/1983 Braves lost at about the same time as Dodger win
1985 1 10/2/1985 Hershiser won his 19th game in his last start of the season, Reds lost before Dodger game concluded
1988 2 9/26/1988 Dodgers would play an equally important regular season game very soon
1995 1 9/30/1995 Dodgers had better head to head record against Colorado so they only had to clinch a tie since both teams were in the playoffs
1996 1 9/27/1996 Montreal loss clinched no worst than a wild-card spot, Dodgers would end in a tie with San Diego and Padres were the NL West champion
2004 2 10/02/2004 Last walk-off playoff clinching
2006 1 9/30/2006 Dodger clinched a playoff spot, San Diego would clinch division with win the next day.
2008 1 9/25/2008 Arizona loss prior to Dodger game start clinched division
2009 6 10/03/2009 5-game losing streak prior to clinching West; Dodgers had clinched a playoff spot already
2013 ? ? Magic No. is 2 but can clinch with win in either of next 2 games against AZ