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World Series odds: Dodgers favored to win it all

A $100 bet on the Dodgers to win the World Series with Bovada would win $375 should the Dodgers capture their first title in 25 years.

Norm Hall

The Dodgers aren't playing at the level they were during their 53-13 run, but with the return to health of their star players the team is considered the favorite to win the 2013 World Series.

The folks at Bovada list the Dodgers at 15/4 odds to win the World Series, meaning a $100 bet would win $375. The Red Sox (9/2 odds) and Tigers (5/1) are next. The Braves have the second-best odds to win the World Series among NL teams at 8/1.

The Tigers were the gambling favorites to win it all for most of the season until mid August, when the Dodgers surpassed them. On Aug. 16 the Dodgers were given 9/2 odds to win the World Series, and on Sept. 4 they had 10/3 odds.

Similarly the Dodgers are favored to win the National League pennant, with 7/5 odds. They are followed by the Braves (13/4 odds), Cardinals (9/2), Pirates (5/1) and Reds (13/2). The Nationals, winners of 10 of their last 11 games but still 4½ games out of the second wild card spot, have 20/1 odds to win the NL pennant and 33/1 odds to win the World Series.

The National League Central is still up for grabs, with three teams vying for the division title but knowing likely that a wild card berth is a fallback option. The Cardinals are the favorites to win the division at 2/3 odds, followed by the Pirates (9/4), who are one game back. The Reds have 3/1 odds to capture the NL Central.

Paul Goldschmidt and Pedro Alvarez are tied atop the National League with 33 home runs, but Bovada lists Goldschmidt as the favorite to lead the league in homers, with 2/3 odds. Alvarez is at 3/2 odds, and Jay Bruce, currently with 30 home runs, at 9/1 odds to lead the league.