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Alexander Guerrero has no deal with Dodgers, market 'wide open' per reports

Image from Sigfired Gonzalez on YouTube.

Sigfried Gonzalez on YouTube

The reported $32 million deal the Dodgers were close to securing with Cuban infielder Alexander Guerrero is no longer imminent, as the infielder has signed with Scott Boras and reopened negotiations, per multiple reports.

Boras called Guerrero's situation a "wide-open process," per Jon Heyman of CBS Sports, who also reported the Red Sox, Reds, Rangers and Giants have also expressed interest in the infielder.

Heyman called the Dodgers still the "logical favorite" to land Guerrero, but Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports reported it is unclear if the Dodgers will remain involved in the pursuit of the Cuban infielder.

At issue are a couple of things. Guerrero was said to have a verbal agreement in place with the Dodgers using agents Rudy Santin and Manny Paula at MVP Sports Agency, per Jesse Sanchez of, that Guerrero backed out on after switching to Boras.

The other issue was with the MLB players union, as Rosenthal explains:

The initial talks, first reported by, never reached fruition in part because the players’ union had not certified Guerrero’s agent, Rudy Santin. The union only approves deals negotiated by certified agents.

So now we are seemingly back at square one with Guerrero, with most assuming the Dodgers are the favorites to land the infielder but nowhere close to a deal. At the very least, we can probably count on the price for Guerrero, no matter where he signs, to be north of that $32 million figure.