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Vin Scully on 'free hugs' in San Francisco

In 64 years of calling baseball games, the legendary announcer has seen just about everything. Until walking the streets of San Francisco on Tuesday, that is.

Hall of Fame Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully has a knack for weaving his many stories in between game action, and that talent was on display on Tuesday night. Scully was describing his walk through San Francisco earlier in the day during the second inning of the Dodgers' 2-1 win over the Giants at AT&T Park.

"There was a group of ladies from I say high school, college, maybe a little older. Maybe 50-75 of them, walking down the street, beautifully dressed, lovely people, carrying big signs that said, 'free hugs'," Scully said, pausing momentarily as Juan Uribe reached base with an infield single.

"Yeah, they were parading all around the square in downtown. There were a couple of men with them, and the men would holler, 'Free,' and the girls would all holler, 'Hugs.' They were stopping people, it was really kind of nice," Scully continued. "No, no no. I crossed the street [laughs]. No, no. It was really charming, and I thought where else but in San Francisco would you see a group of ladies marching down saying, 'Free hugs'?"