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2013 World Series odds: Dodgers, Red Sox co-favorites

If the favorites per Bovada advance to the World Series, we will see a rematch of the 1916 Fall Classic.

Harry How

A September swoon has led to less money bet on the Dodgers to win it all, and as a result the team's World Series odds have taken a hit. The Dodgers have gone from favorites to co-favorites now with the Red Sox at 4/1 odds to win the 2013 World Series, per the folks at Bovada.

The Dodgers have been favorites to win it all since mid-August, near the end of a remarkable 53-13 run that saw the Dodgers play .803 baseball for over 10 weeks. But 12 losses in their last 20 games have put a damper on that somewhat. The club had 15/4 odds to win the World Series on Sept. 18.

Dodgers World Series odds: Aug. 16: 9/2 Sept. 4: 10/3 Sept. 18: 15/4

Outside of the Dodgers and Red Sox, the Tigers are 5/1 to win the World Series, with the Braves 7/1, the Athletics and Cardinals at 15/2, and Reds and Pirates at 14/1. The Rays have 16/1 odds to win it all, followed by the Indians at 20/1 and Rangers at 22/1.

The Dodgers are the favorites to win the National League pennant, with 7/5 odds. The Braves and Cardinals both have 13/4 odds to win the pennant, while the Pirates and Reds each have 13/2 odds.

The Red Sox are a 19/10 favorite to win the American League pennant, followed by the Tigers at 9/4. The Athletics have 7/2 odds to win the AL pennant, followed by the Rays at 17/2, the Indians at 10/1 and the Rangers at 12/1.

The NLDS begins on Thursday, Oct. 3.