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2013 Dodgers blogger night includes visits by Stan Kasten and Ned Colletti

Amidst the Dodger dogs and sounds of multiple runs scoring, bloggers had a chance to Q&A with president and CEO Stan Kasten and general manager Ned Colletti.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Dodgers held their annual Dodger blogger on Friday night. Brandon Lennox and I were there representing True Blue LA, other Dodger blogs that were there included Roberto Baly from Vin Scully is My Homeboy, "Hideo Nomo" from Sons of Steve Garvey, Stacie Wheeler from Lasorda's Lair, @Eephusblue was there wearing his "Stop Bunting" t-shirt, Sarah Wexler who came all the way from New York and wrote a nice piece on the night on her blog, "We're born again, there's new grass on the field," and  Jared Massey from Dodger Diamond.

Dodgers president and CEO Stan Kasten was first to speak and take questions.  Kasten spoke about the improvements at the Stadium and how he hopes that the new Wi-Fi system will be working during the playoffs (note that Sprint opted out of this service though I don't know how that affects Sprint customers at Dodger Stadium).  Next season, look for more restaurants and bars at Stadium.

Kasten reiterated that parking issues have always been issue at Dodger Stadium, they hope more fans would use the bus service.  Some of the issues during the early part of the season was due to construction supplies and debris being in those areas but that has mostly been eliminated.

Kasten said that if the Dodgers play the Braves, there will be "mixed emotions," he knows people there that he is fond of and has great memories of working with but he loves being with the Dodgers and wants to beat anyone desperately.

Kasten wouldn't get involved in the politics of "Vin Scully Way" issue except to say "I'm in favor of honoring Vin Scully even if it means opposing Vin Scully himself."

Ned Colletti took questions next.  No surprise he sees no weakness in this current team (the strongest of the four Dodger playoff teams he has had under his tenure).

When asked about the post-season roster, he noted that he thinks a long reliever is something to consider to give the manager options if that game's starter doesn't have it; you cannot really go through your bullpen for that one game.  Brandon and I both thought this was more an NLCS and World Series type thing (since he used examples in those situations).

Colletti said that the playoff roster has to submitted by 7:00 a.m. PDT Thursday and that they will take every last minute to put it together.

Alexander Guerrero is still being considered, signing a free-agent with an attached draft pick loss is something that will be reviewed by a case by case basis.

We also met Joe Jareck, Yvonne Carrasco, Jon Chapper, Josh Tucker and Steve Brener from the Dodger PR office.

Combined with Clayton Kershaw pitching so well, 11 runs, 3 home runs and good Dodger talk, it was fine evening had by all.