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Rose Parade: Vin Scully ushers in 2014 as Grand Marshal

Scully is the Grand Marshall of the 100th Rose Parade, on Wednesday morning in Pasadena.


There might not be a better way to open 2014 than with Vin Scully. The legendary Dodgers broadcaster is the Grand Marshal of the Rose Parade in Pasadena, and later on Wednesday will perform the ceremonial coin toss on the field before the Rose Bowl between Michigan State and Stanford.

"If I mess up tossing the coin, please be patient and don't laugh too hard," Scully joked on Tuesday.

It's not Scully's first involvement with the Rose Parade. A mere 48 years ago, he co-hosted with Elizabeth Montgomery:

Last week Scully was interviewed by Brian Bencomo of Pasadena Magazine, and was asked for a Dodgers prediction in 2014:

Well, you know, I never predict because I really — I’m like everybody else — I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. I do know that they came off a most exciting season and they came close. I tell people: one pitch, one fractured rib and two games. That’s as close as they came to the World Series. So if they can stay healthy –- and no one can predict that –- but if they stay healthy, they should be very, very competitive once again.

Most of the week leading up to the Rose Bowl has involved several events and luncheons, with several media members happy to meet Scully.

The actual Rose Parade begins at 8 a.m. PT on Wednesday morning, on roughly a billion different networks, with KTLA beginning pre-parade coverage at 6 a.m., in case you want to maximize your chances of seeing Scully.


SB Nation had some fun with Scully: