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Dodgers notes: Wayne Gretzky, Vin Scully, Bryan Cranston

We are 12 days away from the first NHL outdoor game in California.


As we enter salary arbitration week, with players filing on Tuesday and salary figures exchanged on Friday, a look around at some Dodgers-related news:

Wayne Gretzky will be at Dodger Stadium later on Monday afternoon with the NHL Ice Truck to promote the January 25 outdoor game between the Kings and Ducks. Gretzky, whose arrival in Los Angeles in 1988 and eight years with the Kings is as big a reason for hockey's popularity on the west coast as anything, will be honored at the game. But he won't be alone, as Vin Scully will also be involved in the proceedings, somehow, writes Helene Elliott of the Los Angeles Times.

Carlos Subero, who managed Class-A Rancho Cucamonga in 2013, was named Monday as manager of the Double-A Huntsville Stars in the Brewers system. Subero spent the last five years managing in the Dodgers' system, including Class-A Inland Empire in 2009 and Double-A Chattanooga from 2010-12.

The Dodgers since the beginning of the new year have released minor league pitcher Ricardo Perez, first baseman Jake Chaplin, and catcher Dimitri De La Fuente (aka Dimitri Papantonopoulos), per Matt Eddy of Baseball Prospectus.

Bryan Cranston, who won his first Golden Globe on Sunday night for playing science teacher turned drug kingpin Walter White on "Breaking Bad," is a big Dodgers fan. Jon Weisman at Dodger Insider republished an interview with Cranston from last August's Dodgers Magazine.

Corey Seager was ranked the sixth-best shortstop prospect in baseball by MLB Pipeline.

Neil Weinberg set out to re-imagine the Hall of Fame at Beyond the Boxscore, and among his first 10 inductees was Sandy Koufax.