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A request to support Eric Stephen's coverage of spring training

Jon SooHoo | Dodgers

Eric Stephen's story on how he became one of best Dodger reporters was talked about here last week. One of the unique features of this coverage is that Eric has covered from day one, each of the last two spring trainings. Eric plans to do the same this year and this is where I ask you to help Eric by making a contribution to defray those costs.

Eric will be there from pitchers and catcher reporting to when the Dodgers leave for Australia. True Blue LA readers have been great in the past: in 2012 several of you chipped in to help defray some of his spring costs, and in 2013 the response was overwhelming as it nearly funded his entire trip.

As anyone who reads the content here, you know that Eric wrote well over 2,000 posts in 2013 alone, an average of over six per day for the entire calendar year. It's his goal to continue to provide the most comprehensive Dodgers coverage, and going to spring training is a huge part of that. There is much more face-to-face time with the players and coaches during spring training, allowing for more and longer interviews, not to mention building rapport which only helps during the regular season.

Obviously, this is voluntary if you can't contribute, Eric thanks you for reading, and hopes you will continue to make True Blue LA a website you frequently visit.

But if you do want to contribute, it is quite easy. Simply go to PayPal and send money to this email address: mof 328 at yahoo dot com (all of that with no spaces please; I didn't list the full email address, without spaces, in an attempt to avoid spam bots). Please let me know if you have any questions.

Think of this as the TBLA tip jar of sorts. Any contributions are welcome, and thanks for your continued support.

One more personal comment, I have seen how hard Eric works to provide readers with the best Dodger coverage he can during this time, spring training are the longest days of coverage throughout the baseball season, from early morning interviews to covering games and it was in February and March last year, where there were often 7-10 stories a day. Please help if you can, it is greatly appreciated and thanks for reading.