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Dodgers co-favorites to win 2015 World Series

Jeff Gross

LOS ANGELES -- In what is no doubt of great comfort to a fan base that has watched its chief rival win a third World Series in five years, the Dodgers are listed by the folks at Bovada as the co-favorites to win the 2015 World Series, along with the Washington Nationals.

Those two teams finished with the top two records in the National League in 2014, but both squads were home watching the 88-win Giants beat the Royals to win the 2014 World Series.

The Dodgers and Nationals are listed by Bovada at 15/2 odds to win it all in 2015, meaning winning a $100 bet would net a $750 win. The Tigers and Angels are listed at 10/1 odds, followed by the Giants and Cardinals at 12/1. All of those teams made the playoffs in 2014; the lowest 2015 odds given to a 2014 non-playoff team is 18/1 to the Mariners.

The American League champion Royals are listed at 16/1 odds to win it all next year.

The Dodgers were also opening favorites last year to win the 2014 World Series, at 7/1 odds. The Giants were given 18/1 odds one year ago, with the Royals at 33/1.

Here are the odds to win the 2014 World Series:

Dodgers 15/2
Nationals 15/2
Angels 10/1
Tigers 10/1
Giants 12/1
Cardinals 12/1
Royals 16/1
Mariners 18/1
Orioles 20/1
Athletics 20/1
Pirates 20/1
Braves 22/1
Red Sox 22/1
Yankees 22/1
Indians 25/1
Reds 33/1
Rays 33/1
Rangers 33/1
Blue Jays 33/1
White Sox 40/1
Brewers 40/1
Mets 40/1
Cubs 50/1
Marlins 50/1
Padres 66/1
Phillies 75/1
Diamondbacks 100/1
Rockies 100/1
Astros 100/1
Twins 100/1