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David Hood joins True Blue LA

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

True Blue LA is proud to announce the addition of David Hood as our newest author. David will write about the Dodgers minor league system, as well as the MLB draft, from a fresh perspective.

David lives in Tulsa, the home of the Dodgers' new Double-A affiliate, and a short drive away from the new Triple-A team in Oklahoma City as well. He has written about the Rockies for Purple Row, including players he saw in Tulsa, the former Colorado affiliate, as well as about players the Rockies drafted.

David will be offering his opinions on Dodgers' minor leaguers and potential draft targets based on personal observance as well as video and other research, which will be a wonderful complement to the minor league coverage already provided here by Brandon Lennox.

We will start, very shortly, with a piece from David analyzing the Rays' minor league system under Andrew Friedman and what that could mean for the Dodgers going forward. In addition, David in the coming weeks will provide his ranking of the top Dodgers prospects, along with detailed explanations and information about each player.

Please give a warm welcome to David, who can be followed on Twitter at @davidchood.