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2014 Dodgers review: Miguel Olivo

Savvy veteran Adrian Gonzalez knew exactly how to dress around Miguel Olivo.
Savvy veteran Adrian Gonzalez knew exactly how to dress around Miguel Olivo.
Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

We have reached our most unsavory review of the 2014 Dodgers' season, with backup catcher Miguel Olivo.

What went right

Olivo didn't make the Dodgers' opening day roster, but after hitting .390/.438/.661 with eight extra-base hits in 15 games for Triple-A Albuquerque in April he got the call to the big club.

In his first 12 plate appearances with the Dodgers, covering his first three games, Olivo was 5-for-10 with a triple, a walk, four runs scored and two RBI.

What went wrong

After that 5-for-10 start, Olivo was 0-for-13 with nine strikeouts and since it looked like he bit off more than he could chew was optioned back to Triple-A on May 14.

But after a measly five games back with the Isotopes, Olivo's appetite for destruction was too strong and, on May 20 in a disagreement over a poor fielding play by Alex Guerrero — get in line, pal — Olivo escalated his dugout argument with the infielder, taking his biting comments to a new level.

Just like his hero Mike Tyson, Olivo crossed over into full-blown lunacy by actually chomping down and biting off a portion of Guerrero's ear in a dugout fracas. Olivo was released within days, but Guerrero was out of action for over seven weeks, losing much-needed development time on defense.

The catcher finished out the year with Tijuana in the Mexican League.

2014 particulars

Age: 35

Salary: $800,000 (pro-rated for his brief nibble in the majors)

Game of the year

In his first game as a Dodger, on May 1 in the first game of a doubleheader in Minnesota. Olivo was 2-for-3 with a walk and drove in two runs in a 9-4 win over the Twins.

Roster status

Olivo is a free agent, but it's hard to see what interest there will be on a 36-year-old catcher whose last two jobs ended with him quitting on one team and valuing the taste of human flesh over respecting his teammates on another.