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Dodgers 2014 postseason shares at $31,543

Stephen Dunn

LOS ANGELES -- Major League Baseball announced the distribution of 2014 postseason shares, the bonuses earned by players in the playoffs. Each Dodgers' postseason share as a National League Division Series runner-up is worth $31,542.85.

The total players pool in 2014 was $62,026,461.86.

It was derived from 50 percent of the gate receipts of both Wild Card Games, 60 percent of the gate from the first three games of all four Division Series, 60 percent of the gate from the first four games of both League Championship Series, and 60 percent of the gate from the first four games of the World Series.

The Giants as World Series winners get 36 percent of the pool, with the American League champion Royals getting 24 percent. Both the Cardinals and Orioles get 12 percent each as LCS runners-up, with 3.25 percent each going to LDS losers Dodgers, Nationals, Angels and Tigers. The Pirates and Athletics, each defeated in a Wild Card Game, get 1.5 percent each.

Players on each team can vote to split the playoff shares as they see fit, and the Dodgers split up their $2,015,860.01 total into 54 full shares, 9.65 partial shares and four cash awards.

For a fantastic history of postseason shares, read this comprehensive article from October by Jim Caple of ESPN.