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TBLA softball picnic - Sunday, November 16, 2014

We've done it before, let's do it again! The second True Blue LA softball picnic is scheduled for November 16, 2014.

Let's feast!
Let's feast!
David Young

The date for the second True Blue LA softball picnic has been set for Sunday, November 16, at 1:00 P.M. at Brace Canyon Park in Burbank. (For a map, click here to open in a new tab/window.) The plan is to picnic first with softball to follow on the adjacent diamond.

UPDATE: When trying to reserve the diamond today (Friday), Burbank informed me that the diamonds would now not be reserve-able because the fields are "undergoing maintenance". We'll start the picnic at Brace Canyon as planned, and if the diamond is useable and needed, all is well. But just in case we need a diamond, I have reserved Bel Aire Ballfield which is an easy 1.5 mile drive away, if we need to migrate.

Please plan on bringing your own food and drinks, but if you feel like sharing, I'm sure that will be appreciated. Like most southern California cities, Burbank does not permit the consumption of alcohol in their parks.

Don't forget to bring your softball equipment! (And your sunscreen!)

The picnic areas are unreserved at this time (with the reservation deadline having already passed), so it will be first-come, first serve, but I will be there earlier to try and start saving some space.

The diamond can only be reserved on the Friday immediately preceding the weekend, and I will attempt to make that happen, but Sunday mid-afternoon is not prime time, so I'm optimistic about the ball field.

While the location is in the San Fernando Valley, I think it is conveniently freeway accessible for most, especially on a Sunday, and at least somewhat centrally located.

The average high temperature for this date in Burbank is 73°.

Oh, I will also have some odd and random giveaways of debatable value.

Let's have some fun!