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2014 Dodgers review: Chone Figgins

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Here is a look back at the surprise 2014 season of Dodgers non-roster invitee Chone Figgins.

What went right

After a year completely out of baseball, which followed two absolutely putrid years in Seattle, Figgins just making the Dodgers' roster out of spring training was an accomplishment in itself.

The 36-year-old switch hitter put up a .373 on-base percentage and walked 14 times in 76 plate appearance, a career-best 18.9-percent walk rate. Figgins had a .417 on-base percentage in 49 plate appearances batting left-handed.

Figgins started eight games at third base, four more at second base, and also played two games at shortstop and one game (totaling two outs) in left field.

He also stole four bases in five attempts, an 80-percent success rate.

Figgins proved to be a mentor for Dee Gordon, who was in his first season at a new position at second base, and was a vocal advocate for Gordon's All-Star campaign, which proved successful.

What went wrong

Figgins built nearly his entire offensive value on walks, hitting just .217 with a .267 on-base percentage.

Batting right-handed, Figgins was just 4-for-23, hitting .174/.296/.217 in 27 plate appearances.

Figgins also had a bizarre feud with Adam Kennedy, who accused Figgins of being a terrible teammate on the Angels a decade ago. Figgins' response was to simply not acknowledge Kennedy, repeatedly and playfully asking, "Who?" as if he didn't remember. Figgins had a similar unwillingness to acknowledge the Mariners, for whom he failed spectacularly — hitting .227/.302/.283 in 308 games in Seattle — after signing a four-year, $36 million deal.

Sent to Triple-A Albuquerque on a rehab assignment while on the disabled list for a left quad strain in July, Figgins found his spot on the Dodgers bench no longer available, and he was designated for assignment on Aug. 6, and released one week later.

2014 particulars

Age: 36

Salary: $900,000 in the majors, $120,000 in the minors; pro-rated share of both

Game of the year

Figgins was 2-for-4 with a double and an RBI on May 27 against the Reds, his only multi-hit game of the season.

Roster status

Figgins is a free agent.